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Donations can be in the form of clothes (shalwar kameez for ladies and children), books and toys, equipment (air conditioners, heaters, television, music sets, children’s beds, medical equipment (physiotherapy and ICU equipment) and medicines.

Donating Funds

For medical/surgical/psychological care in patient rehabilitation programs, you can donate funds

  • by post (cheques/money orders payable to ASF)
  • at the Burns Unit accounts counter in the form of cash/ cross cheques or pay orders
    NOTE: Please see bank account details for donation.
  • Volunteering: Free counseling to the patients, free training to ASF-Pak staff, free surgery and medical follow-up to the victims of acid attack, developing contacts for ASF-Pak.

Any donation to ASF-Pak in cash is subject to the following agreement signed between the donor and ASF-Pak:

  • Receipt of amount received by ASF-Pak is provided
  • Anonymity of the patient is ensured by ASF-Pak for the patients’ safety therefore even the donor will not know the patient personally
  • Complete report with profile, medical status and financial implications will be provided on a quarterly basis upon donor’s request.
  • ASF-Pak conducts a yearly audit reportavailable at any time
  • ASF-Pakistan produces a yearly activity report available at any time.
  • ASF-Pak can procure all financial proofs of expenditures done at any time
  • Centre rules and regulations must be applied during any visit
  • All donors are welcome in ASF-Pak premises upon appointment taken

While one patient needs at least 3 admissions for medical care, a donation can cover an admission as a whole or partially as follows:
For one admission: PKRs 50,000
Surgery & Medications: PKRs 30,000
Other services provided during ten days at the NCRU:
- Nursing Care
- Social Counseling
- Psychological Counseling
- Economic Help: PKR 15,000

NB: This calculus is an average cost per admission corresponding to real costs already occurred. All these expenditures depend upon the medical status of the patient before and after the surgery.

Account Details for Donation

Title of Account: Acid Survivors Foundation
Bank Account #: 01035075601, Standard Chartered Bank, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
Swift Code: SCBLPKKX
Bank Branch Code: 003
Currency: Pak Rupees
Contact No’s of the Bank: Tel: 0092 51 2113856-57, Fax: 0092 51 2228004
Postal Address of the Bank: Plot No: 25, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Donation through ASTI A/C

Visit , click DONATE, you will find a donation form, Select ASF-Pakistan when you are asked whom would you like to support. The donation will be transferred to ASF-Pakistan only if you select ASF-Pak

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