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Peshawar Consultation: Moving Forward!

November 20th, 2012

An extract of the documentary "Bushra Survives" produced by Black Box Sound

EVAWG llaince KP-FATA and KP provincial parliamentarians dedicated to push for the comprehensive legislation to be tabled in KP

legal experts who will join PCSW legal commitee to redraft the bill in view of the last criminal law amendment that was passed on 12th December 2012

Representative of Aurat Foundation

Journalist noting down data

KP parliamentarians looking at the data of acid violence in the country...

Men Engage: And A Miracle Happened…

March 31st, 2012

Dr Rukhshanda Parveen’s  testimony: “Justice DELAYED is Justice DENIED! I was touched when men who were standing there as SPECTATORS joined us.When a man from Baluchistan agreed to my Yelling ( if no Man is ready to lead fateha we women will do it) and offered Dua- He mentioned FAKHRA as Shaheed-Perhaps for the first time an Abondoned wife was given the status of Shaheed:’) Thank you all boys and men who stood with women likemyself -the “sinner ungrateful women” as in the words of Kiswer naheed…”

For Fakhra's vigil, a man from the crowd said : "I am with you", he is in this photo, behind Samar Minallah. And then the other men passing by joined the crowd and shouted slogans to demand justice for Fakhra, joining the civil society in the prayers...

Dr Rukhshanda among demonstrators

24th December 2009: A Message From Marvi Memon And Acid Survivors Foundation.

December 29th, 2009

Marvi MemonA press conference was held at Islamabad press club on 24th December 2009 to announce the submission of amendments in the Pakistan Penal Code regarding acid violence, to the parliament.

Marvi, an active and dedicated Pakistani Parliamentarian, along with Valerie Khan Yusufzai, Acid Survivors Foundation Chairperson, requested the Pakistani government to table the legal propositions that would later on have to be debated as per any  logical democratic process. These amendments have been drafted in collaboration with other parliamentarians, private members, and legal consultants.

You will find more details about this press conference in our press release.