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After Using Acid Against Youth From Minorities, Acid Is Used As A Karo-Kari Weapon.

November 2nd, 2012

Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan expresses its concern that Acid violence is not only spreading but evolving in its patterns;  the comprehensive legislation which proposes a mechanism aiming to reinforce the law enforcement mechanism is one of the key answer to this horrific issue. To fight patriarchal mindsets and enhance the social disapproval for violence against women and girls, right budget allocations, awareness, education and JUDICIAL CONDEMNATION is essential. We expect the perpetrators to be punished after due legal and judiciary process, but we also expect the Pakistani government to fulfill its commitment and make sure that the COMPREHENSIVE ACID AND BURN CRIME BILL GET TABLED IN ICT and in other provincial assemblies…

Girl killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir acid attack

By Zulfiqar Ali BBC Urdu, Islamabad

Women on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border Women in Pakistan have been increasingly subjected to acid attacks

A mother and father in Pakistani-administered Kashmir have been arrested for murdering their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid “in the name of an honour”, police say.

They say it is one of the first such cases of its kind in the region.

Honour killings happen when mostly male family members believe the victim has brought dishonour to their community.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 943 women were killed in honour killings last year.

That represented an increase of more than 100 from 2010.

But such happenings are rare in parts of Kashmir under the control of Pakistan.

Police say that the incident took place in a remote village in the southern district of Kotli. They say that the case was brought to their attention by the couple’s eldest daughter.

It will not be clear until Friday – when the parents are due in court – if they admit or deny murder charges.


Local police officer Raja Tahir Ayub told the BBC that the girl’s father became enraged when he saw his daughter “looking at two boys” riding on a motorcycle outside their home on Monday.

Police say that the parents suspected she was having illicit relations with one of the pair.

“He took his daughter inside, beat her up and then poured acid over her with the help of his wife,” Mr Ayub said.

Police say that that the couple did not take their daughter to hospital until the next morning, and she succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday evening.

The head of the state-run district hospital in Kotli – Muhammad Jahangir – confirmed the death.

He said that the girl was brought to hospital in a serious condition with more than 35% burns.

“There was no way she could survive,” he said.

Police say that the dead girl’s married elder sister informed them of the alleged incident on Wednesday morning.

They say that she became suspicious when her parents did not allow mourners to see the face of the dead girl before she was buried – otherwise a normal practise in Kashmiri Muslim society.

In March the government of Pakistani-administered Kashmir made acid attacks a criminal offence punishable with life imprisonment.

Congratulations ASTI!

January 30th, 2010

We wish the best of luck to our long time partner from England and are proud to see their precious efforts rewarded this way.

HRH The Princess Royal

Dr John Morrison, Founder of ASTI, with HRH The Princess Royal at the Acid Survivors Foundation, Bangladesh, 2000.Dr John Morrison, Founder of ASTI, with HRH The Princess Royal at the Acid Survivors Foundation, Bangladesh, 2000.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that HRH The Princess Royal has agreed to be Patron of Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI). More to come……