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New Documentary, New Adventure…Come And Check!

November 18th, 2013

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20th November 2012: Universal Child Day, ASF Working For Child Protection In Collaboration With Global Funds For Children, Acting For Life and Smile Again Italy.

November 27th, 2012

15% of acid victims are children, the youngest victim having been attacked at the age of one year old…

Acid Survivors Foundation Focuses on a child friendly rehabilitation process that has been funded by Global Funds for Children and tries to make sure that these children ultimately join school back as “normal” children. Acting For Life has also supported ASF-Pakistan, providing trainings and tools to work on child protection and facilitate the counseling process. Acting for Life and Smile Again Italy have  also supported ASF preventive action at community level to sensitise children on self protection and acid violence and enhance enrollment of children in formal school.

We are thankful for their precious support but also would like to express our rewarding such activities are: empowering children makes us believe in a sustainable positive future: the picture that are posted hereby reflect hope and show that yes, it is possible to live happily and safely after the worse. ASF team remembers this every single day in its action against acid violence and GBV as a whole. 20th November? A day to remind us of our duty and our only chance to build a humanistic society.

Global Fund For Children: ASF Partner: When Committment And Emotions Are Shared.

March 3rd, 2012

On The Road Blog

Film Based on ASF’s Work Wins Oscar

Valerie Khan of ASF

Washington, DC – I sat with my eyes glued to the screen for the 84th Academy Awards, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the best documentary short film. On the edge of my seat, I jumped up in excitement when Saving Face, directed by Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, was announced as the winner. The documentary follows two survivors of acid attacks in Pakistan, covering their incredible journey toward recovery and their fight for justice. The film features the work of GFC grantee partner Acid Survivors Foundation, Pakistan (ASF), based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Early last year, I met with Valerie Khan, the director of ASF, at a dinner in Islamabad hosted by Sameena Nazir, the director of GFC grantee partner Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy. I had arrived in Islamabad after a near crash on my plane ride from Delhi to Lahore. Shaken by the experience, I almost didn’t attend the dinner, but I am glad I did. Valerie’s commitment and passion for the mission of ASF were infectious and inspiring. The next day, we discussed ASF’s programs in detail and discovered that GFC and ASF were a very good match. ASF is one of the few organizations in Pakistan providing care and rehabilitation to survivors of acid attacks. The causes of acid attacks include refusal of sexual advances or marriage proposals, land disputes, religious fanaticism, and family revenge, among others.

The organization’s programs include a nursing care and rehabilitation unit that provides rehabilitation services to burn victims, a child protection program that promotes child rights, an awareness campaign called Burning Truth that utilizes art as a tool to bring public awareness and sustainable change to acid violence, and a capacity-building program that works to train other organizations on the rehabilitation of survivors of acid attacks. Additionally, ASF advocates for policy reforms within Pakistan to demand stricter laws for perpetrators and state-sponsored rehabilitation mechanisms for survivors. ASF’s beneficiaries are an excellent example of the vulnerable populations that GFC reaches through its many innovative community-based grantee partners all over the world.