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December 8th, 2012

Acid Violence

First Aid Information

Pre-hospital Approach to Acid and Burns Patient Management

1. S.A.F.E approach: as for all pre-hospital emergencies

Shout/call for help
Assess the scene
Free from danger
Evaluate the casualty

2. Stop the burning process (in case of fire for example: stop, drop and roll); remove the burning source.

Remove all burnt/burning clothing (unless stuck to the patient) and jewellery making sure that the First Aider doesn’t sustain acid burns themselves to their hands or other parts!

The most critical aspect of acid burn care is the constant and prolonged washing of the area with water at a room temperature to get the acid out immediately! It will benefit the victim immensely to be taken to the nearest source of running water for dousing for at least half an hour to try and wash the acid away before subsequent care.

3. To try and minimize the damage, the effects of acid should be neutralized by applying a mild alkali solution to the affected area (solution of sodium bi-carbonate and water – baking soda and water).

4. The patient should be rushed to specialized medical care or dial the emergency number. If suitable first aid is not provided to the patient the procedure becomes lengthy and increases patient suffering.

Bring bagged clothing to hospital for examination.

5. All treatments need to be conducted in sterile environments and antiseptic dressings and antibiotics should be provided along side.

6. If the wound is painless there is a chance that the wound is deep. Superficial burns are more painful and the patient should be aided with painkillers.

7. An early recognition, leading to immediate help and then eventual reconstructive surgery all lead to less scarring, less deformity and speed up the rehabilitation process.

Food for thought…

May 27th, 2012

Quoting Dr Charles Viva in his 9th reconstructive surgery

workshop closure speech: “We need to remember that it is

never a one man’s work, it is a team work. We need to

remain humble, and never forget: the most important

person is the PATIENT”…

A great event to celebrate Pakistani-Franco-British synergy!

May 20th, 2012

ASF Protocol youth team ready to welcome the guests!

Mavesh and Nazeeran, happy to be there!

Everything structured, registration desk operational!

ASF team and Interplast UK team devising for great work

ASF Executive Director welcoming the guests

ASF chairperson valerie Khan Yusufzai, Dr Charles Viva and Uk Aid representative

Senator Richard Yung, who proposed ASF project " Ambulance of Hope"to the French Senate

ASF management/advisory team along with Mr Philippe Thiebaut, french ambassador to Pakistan

Mr Philippe Thiebaut, French ambassador to Pakistan offering and presenting the ambulance of hope to Pakistani acid attack survivors.

Distributing awards to interplast team: ASF ED and UK aid representative.

Interplast UK team, delighted with the awards.

3rd March 2012: Before International Women Day, Nusrat Demands Provincial Assemblies To Table Acid And Burn Crime Bill 2012.

March 6th, 2012

Nusrat addressing her plea: democracy in process!

Islamabad, 3rd March, 2012


After the struggle to eradicate acid violence was highlighted globally through the Oscar Award winning documentary, Saving Face,

ASF, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Rukhsana and EVAWG alliance call for the Acid and Burn Crime Bill 2012 to be passed in the provincial assemblies.

Islamabad: After the announcement of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s winning an Oscar for best short documentary Saving Face, this week, the whole of Pakistan is jubilant and feels proud to win this distinction for the first time in its history.

The Pakistani nation is proud and thankful to Sharmeen and her team, ASF’s team, its survivors as well as PIMS Burn Center, ASTI and Islamic Help for achieving this historical result and featuring a brave and daring Pakistan. The message is very clear: we have a problem, we face it and address it with the citizens of Pakistan (men and women together), striving to find solutions and stand by the victims. This message is a ray of hope for burn victims against this heinous crime globally and the documentary will help in spreading awareness and will encourage the stakeholders to find solutions all over the world.

We would also like to avail this opportunity to thank Dr. Jawad and his team from UK, who contributed to improve the lives of the survivors. There are also many other heroes in this country, and we would like to pause and celebrate them: doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, government representatives, parliamentarians who are fighting for the cause in a permanent and dedicated manner. To mention only a few of them: Pr. Hamid Hassan, BBH, Rawalpindi, Dr. Tariq Iqbal, PIMS, Islamabad, Dr. Charles VIVA, Interplast, UK, Dr Naheeed Chaudry from Nishtar Hospital in Multan, Dr Mazhar Hussain, staff of Civil Hospital Karachi and Friend of Burns, Marvi Memon, Anusha Rehman, Bushra Gohar, Atiya Inayat Ullah, Nilofar Bakhtyar, Raza Rabbani, Jan Mohammad Jamali, Haji Adeel…

However, the work has just started, we need to do more to show the world that Pakistan can and will eradicate acid violence: Acid Survivors Foundation along with Sharmen Obaid Chinoy and Working Group on Acid and Burn Violence (Acid Survivors Foundation, Mehergarh, PODA, SPARC, Aurat Foundation, Sisters Trust) call upon the legislators to pass Acid and Burn Crime Bill 2012 in all provincial assemblies of Pakistan.

While the recently passed criminal law amendment related to HURT  has officially made acid throwing a crime against the state, much more now needs to be done to address the challenges of  investigation, fair trial, free medical and rehabilitation services, funding and monitoring mechanism: this is precisely what the Acid and Burn Crime Bill 2012 is proposing.

Consequently, today, Rukhsana and the other agents of change will raise their voice again, to build the Pakistan we have all been dreaming of…