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Alternative Ways Of Rehabilitation For Survivors Of Gender Based Violence, In Collaboration With US AID, GEP, Aurat Foundation, Italian Cooperation, Nishtar Hospital, Nomad Gallery.

January 16th, 2014

Mrs Fazila Sherdil from SEHER introducing the child protection component.

PIDSA representatives, Italian Cooperation and Pakistani Government, Nishtar Hospital


“New lenses”

Using the art of photography for a journey within one self…

20th November 2013, 11am to 1pm.


Acid Survivors Foundation celebrated the closure of a visual arts expression workshop, in collaboration with Aurat Foundation, SEHER and US AID, via a unique photography exhibition in Nomad Gallery today. This was also the occasion to mark the International Child Rights Day as the photography Workshop included children victims of acid violence.

This event was part of a project that the Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan is implementing under Gender Equity Program of Aurat Foundation, with the support of the USAID in Islamabad. The project’s objective is to strengthen private shelters and to establish psycho-social and legal Counselling and to facilitate economic rehabilitation of acid attack survivors.

Under the provision of informal education to acid attack survivors, A 21 day Visual Arts and Expression Workshop started at ASF on July 8th, 2013. The workshop was led by a renowned Spanish photographer Mr. Diego Sanchez Ibarra and by Ms. Myra Iqbal, who taught 9 survivors to express themselves via the art of photography. The motive behind this workshop was to assist survivors in their rehabilitation process, while providing them with photographic knowledge and skills, which may later result in an income generating activity. These 9 survivors will later on be training other survivors on a peer to peer basis, as well as their families and friends, thus will become knowledgeable agents of change. “This kind of creative pilot experiences stand as important steps towards progress and well being of GBV survivors in general”, declared Mr Mohammad Khan, ASF Executive Director.

The event was attended by the participants of the Workshop and other survivors, members of the diplomatic community, journalists, and many other visitors interested generally in arts and particularly in the work and efforts of these strong individuals, victims turned survivors, turned agents of change…

“This is a real example of positive synergy to generate sustainable positive change”, declared Valerie Khan Yusufzai, ASF Chairperson. “We hope to be able to replicate and even upscale this experience with Aurat Foundation and GEP team, as well as in the Social Rehabilitation Center planned in Multan for acid and burn survivors, in collaboration with Punjab Health Department, Nishtar Hospital and The Italian Cooperation. This is the first rehabilitation center of its kind in the region, probably in the world even, under PIDSA: Pakistan Italian Debt Agreement. The government must also pass the Comprehensive Acid and Burn Crime Bill at a provincial level to ensure that these rehabilitation services – that are crucial for those survivors- do not depend upon donors or upon political decisions: this proactive and constructive response to acid and burn violence must be part of a wider indigenous policy to counter GBV in our country. We need a stronger legal framework with an adequate implementation mechanism to sustain efforts to promote peace and social justice”.

New Documentary, New Adventure…Come And Check!

November 18th, 2013

Please click on this link, you will be amazed…

ASF starting the books distribution in Lodran, Southern Punjab, in collaboration with Zcech Republic.

October 24th, 2013

Mr Jaroslav Reif (Zcech Embassy), ASF ED and ASF Chairperson inaugurating the event.

Students' work on acid violence: moving exhibition

ASF Chairperson with teachers

Starting the distribution

First Pakistani Nomination Ever For Oscar for “Saving Faces”, Thank You Daniel And Sharmeen, ASF Team, Dr Jawad And The Survivors!

January 25th, 2012

First Pakistani documentary-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy earns Oscar nomination

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 9:37:17 by


First Pakistani documentary-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy earns Oscar nomination

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the renowned journalist and documentary maker, has become first Pakistani to earn an Oscar nomination with her film ‘Saving face, which was named in the “Documentary-short film” category.

Obaid, who has documented numerous short films, won an Emmy award, back in 2010, for her documentary, ‘Pakistan Children of the Taliban.

Commenting about this unique achievement, she observed, “I am speechless. It has reaffirmed my belief. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you put quality work out there, it will be appreciated. I hope I can make Pakistan proud by bringing home an Oscar.”

The documentary, ‘Saving Face’ is the story of two women from South Punjab who became victims of acid violence.

“It’s a positive story about Pakistan on two accounts: firstly, it portrays how a Pakistani-British doctor comes to treat them and it also discusses, in great depth, the parliament’s decision to pass a bill on acid violence,” she had commented when her documentary was short-listed for nominations, back in October 2011.

According to the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill, the perpetrators of acid violence will be punished with imprisonment for life, and Obaid-Chinoy has captured that aspect in her latest project.

The documentary accounts the work of an acclaimed Pakistani-origin British plastic surgeon, Dr Muhammad Jawad, as he travels to Pakistan and performs reconstructive surgery on survivors of acid victims.

Acid violence, an extreme form of physical cruelty, is systemically describe in Pakistan; official statistics state that a hundred cases of acid violence are reported annually, though it is anticipated that the real figure is far bigger.

Due to structural inequalities, the women face immense difficulties to access the judicial system in addition to hoary cultural practices.

‘Saving Face’ is shot across twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and the small towns of Punjab. It will be on-aired in the US on March 8, at HBO, while it is due to release in the UK later that month, on selected cinemas, following which it will be released in Pakistan.

She is very brave and chooses stories that touch the heart and turns them into movies that break it. She covered many stories ranging from ranging from child abuse, violence against women, terrorism and natural disasters.

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Arts Against Acid Attack : When Spirit Opens The Path…

February 12th, 2010

19th feb burning truth event

Dear all,

This is on! Acid Survivors Foundation has resumed its fund raising and awareness programme : with the cooperation of Adnan’s  Jehangir, we are conveying a message of peace and gender justice  through a universal language : arts.

Beyond borders and culture, art  is the link that will unite all humanists and change agents determined to bring sustainable development…

Join us for this unqiue moment !