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16 Days Of Activism Against VAW: Acid Survivors Take The Lead And Raise Their Voices!

November 28th, 2011

The panel including Mustapha Nawaz Kaukar, Advisor to Prime Minister on Human Rights, Senator Nilofar Bakhtyar.

Acid Survivors sitting in the assembly to promote the launch of 16 days of activism against VAW (violence against women).

ASF chair and EVAWG (Eradication of Violence Against Women and Girls) alliance signing up for the 1 million signature campaign.

Agents of change also signed up and later on climbed on a bus to launch the drive against VAW.

It was a moving moment: acid survivors reaching their final rehabilitation stage, turned into agents of change, more ready than ever to raise their voices to say STOP VAW and TAKE ACTION ! They did it and came from far way to support the move to work on pending legislation with special focus on acid and burn legislation, well done all, we are so proud of you, so admiring!

First battle won, but a long way to go…battle 2 is on!

May 17th, 2011

The amendment on HURT in the Pakistani Penal Code has been passed in the national assembly and must now get passed through the upper chamber: one step ahead, a great achievement as now, acid throwing will be criminalised but, that is not enough. A more comprehensive law is needed to eradicate acid violence!

ASF and the civil society along with NCSW is now focusing on promoting Acid and Burn Crime Act 2011 and get it passed at provincial level.

Stay with us!

Acid Survivors Foundation Now Asking Provincial Assemblies To Support Acid And Burn Crime Act 2011.

April 11th, 2011

Participants in the seminar held on 30th March 2011in Karachi: civil society, media, lecetd representatives, lawyers.

ASF Executive Director , Mohammad Khan, welcoming the crowd and requesting Sidh porvincila assembly to lead the way in passing the Acid and Burn Crime Act 2011.

Advocate Hasan Akbar terming acid crime a crime against humanity.

Sindh Minister for Women Development , Mrs Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto, ensuring ASF of her support to promote women and girls rights and support gender justice.

The Media Marathon To Higlight The International Dimension Of Acid Violence And The Urge To Pass Laws To Eradicate It!

November 4th, 2010