Sana Masood, ASF volunteer wins it!

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Sana Masood, ASF volunteer.

The finalists were all amazing candidates but we are only able to fly five of them to war-affected countries. As it happened, three of the entries we really liked were from people in Liberia, Pakistan and Senegal so we created three runner-up spots. They’ll cover ICRC projects in the countries, where they reside, but like the winners, they’ll get to fly to Geneva in May to present their projects at a special event on World Red Cross Red Crescent Day.

Competition runner-up, Sana Masood is 24 and comes from Pakistan. She holds a Bachelors in Law from the University of London. Soon after graduation, she had a chance to volunteer at the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF), a local NGO in Pakistan. Through ASF, she learned about extreme forms of violence against women and young girls. At first, she didn’t know what was more shocking: human cruelty or the capacity to bear it… but as soon as she started interacting directly with acid burn survivors, she realized that it was definitely the latter. “Hating the crime is one thing, but understanding these young women and the exceptional strength they exhibit just amazes me. I thought I was there to help empower them, but instead their bravery and courage empowered me.” Sana is committed to continuing her human rights work for women.

She impressed the jury with her exquisitely sensitive and dignified portrayal of a young mother who survived an acid attack and will have a chance to carry out a communication project with support from the ICRC delegation in Islamabad. We’re looking forward to seeing your report from the field in Pakistan Sana! Well done!

We’re delighted to announce that eight outstanding young people have been chosen as the winners and runners-up of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ “Young Reporter” competition! We received almost 500 applications from aspiring young reporters across the glo…be. We were blown away by your interest in raising awareness of problems affecting other young people. In fact, the applications were so impressive, it took us three extra weeks to narrow down a list of finalists. In the end, we selected five winners and three runners-up. The five winners will travel to a country that has been affected by armed conflict – Georgia, Lebanon, Liberia, the Philippines or Senegal – and will be given the opportunity to cover a local ICRC humanitarian project. You can find out more on: A HUGE THANKS to everyone who took part in the competition. You have inspired us!!!

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