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National Commission on the Status of Women is a body that makes recommendations and advises the Government on review or new legislation and other women related policy. The commission has been vocal in reminding the Government that Acid Crimes are on the rise and should be dealt with immediately. In this regards, several efforts were initiated by different stakeholders. The Commission has worked closely with other senior legal experts to look at the initial proposal developed by the Acid Survivors Foundation to develop a more comprehensive bill to curb Acid and burn crimes. This bill takes addresses issues related to  prevention, the crime itself and rehabilitation.

After the 18th constitutional amendment, now the Provinces are more empowered to legislate on issues related to women and human rights. We welcome this devolution of power and hope that the Provinces will take eager interest in streamlining the legislation to address the needs of women citizens. This includes new legislation for crimes like domestic violence, Acid and burn related crimes, issues related to citizenship and others. We also hope that the discriminatory legislation will also be reviewed.  The Provinces will be taking charge and we will be happy to work closely with them. For now our priority is a comprehensive legislation for the Crimes related to Acid and Burn. We are very pleased about the recent amendment and would like the provinces to take on the full version of the legislation.

Dr. Fouzia Saeed

On Behalf of the National Commission on the Status of Women

Dr Fauzia Saeed, left to the microphone, attending ASF press conference.



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