Nazeeran’s Update…

January 21st, 2011 by Valerie Khan Leave a reply »

Nazeeran is now living in her own house, she went under surgery with Dr Charles Viva and Hamid Hassan and has got money to buy her furnitures and set her house, her two little girls have been enrolled in school and ASF field officer will make sure that furnitures are bought, delivered and girls are attending schools.

Nazeeran has decided to knit baby warm clothes and make “parandas” to earn her own living, so we will give you her next news soon!

ASF team.



  1. leba says:

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  2. Joan Hobbs says:

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  6. i like it Nazeeran’s Update… » Acid Survivors Pakistan now im your rss reader

  7. VALES says:

    Thak you very much for the news. I red the book of Nazeeran’s history yesterday. I’m very impressed by her courage and her love for her childrens. I wish you all the best for everybody’s working here and all my support to Nazeeran.
    Valérie, Paris, France

  8. Valerie Khan says:

    Thank you valerie, your words of encouragements will be given to Nazeeran, she loves it!

    ASF team.

  9. Magda Rusert says:

    I’ve been here a few times and it appears like your articles get more informative each time. Maintain it up I appreciate reading them.

  10. sandra says:

    je viens de finir le livre de naziran. depuis je pense très souvent à elle, a ses filles. je prie pour quel soit enfin heureuse.J’ai été très toucher par son histoire. elle est très courageuse et reste belle à l’intérieur et sa personne pourra lui enlevé j’espere de tout coeur quel aura se message. merci a toute l’équipe qui l’on sauver.bonne chance pour la suite.

  11. Valerie Khan says:

    Merci a vous Sandra, nous transmettrons vos voeux a Nazeeran…


    ASF team.

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