Nazeeran’s Progressive Path Towards Empowered Social Life…

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Nazeeran, ASTI volunteer Dr Teri Kelly, Valerie Khan Yusufzai ASF chaiperson.

Dr Teri Kelly visited Islamabad and availed the opportunity to congratulate Nazeeran’s for her book and for the opening of her own bank account, Nazeeran’s next step wil be to get her cheque book ad design her future life! Exciting and challenging perspective!



  1. LE SAUX Mathilde says:

    My name is Mathilde. I have just read the book of Nazeeran and I cried for it. I encourage you continued to live for you and your two girls! My biggest dream it is to leave to help all the women victims of her misfortunes. Good luck has all and you Nazeeran.

  2. Emily Hutto says:

    Thank you for raising awareness about acid violence as a form of violence against women. It’s media like this that will bring justice to victims of these crimes.

    The documentary film Finding Face is another form of media with the same purpose- to shed light on the reality and prevalence of acid attacks.

    It details the story of Tat Marina, a young karaoke star who became romantically involved with Svey Sitha, Cambodia’s Undersecretary of State. His wife, Khoun Sophal, discovered the affair and perpetrated the assault.

    Tat Marina was stalked through a crowded marketplace and dowsed with acid. Her ears and the skin on her face instantly melted, and she’s since undergone surgery after surgery to revive her features.

    The documentary details her family members’ disparate responses to the fact that Marina’s attackers have never been arrested and there has never been justice in her case.

    To learn more about the film or watch a preview go to

    To purchase the film go to

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