Inclusiveness And Solidarity: Thank You EVAWG Alliance KP-FATA For Helping In Organising This Workshop…

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Because Acid Violence As The Worst Form Of Gender Based Violence Concerns All Of Us.

ASF team, EVAWG alliance KP-FATA representatives, religious representatives of Haqqania watching the documentary Bushra survives.

Qamar Nassem, co-chair EVAWG alliance KP-FATA exlplaining why acid violence is one of the worts forms of gender based violence.

A representative of Haqqania reading 2 pages explaining why acid violence is against islamic principles and why a comprehensive legislation must be passed at provincial level

Praying for comprehensive Acid and Burn crime Bill to be passed in KP assembly


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  1. silver price says:

    There is an alarming trend of accepting unjust social practices such as honour killings, especially in the rural areas of all provinces. Although, the majority of both male and female respondents did not agree with domestic violence and unjust social practices (79% KP, 82% Punjab, 90% Baluchistan, 85% Sindh, 85% Islamabad/Rawalpindi and 90% in Gilgit-Baltistan), in practice they observed and accepted such practices. The baseline survey took women’s education as another indicator of the level of gender equality in Pakistan. Girls go to school in all provinces but the percentages vary: 79.5 percent of girls in KP, 75.5 percent in Punjab, 85 percent in Balochistan, 83.5 percent in Sindh, 95 percent in Islamabad and 93.5 percent in Gilgit-Baltistan go to school.

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