Arts Against Acid Attack : When Spirit Opens The Path…

February 12th, 2010 by Valerie Khan Leave a reply »

19th feb burning truth event

Dear all,

This is on! Acid Survivors Foundation has resumed its fund raising and awareness programme : with the cooperation of Adnan’s  Jehangir, we are conveying a message of peace and gender justice  through a universal language : arts.

Beyond borders and culture, art  is the link that will unite all humanists and change agents determined to bring sustainable development…

Join us for this unqiue moment !



  1. Valerie would love to know how this went? Please keep us posted
    Tasleema, ASTI

  2. Valerie Khan says:

    This went absolutely fine : the survivors were so proud of their achievement, got a full basket of positive energy and are ready to do it again in Lahore!
    We raised 90000Rs, not enough but we will do better next time!
    We also had a huge article in the main local newspaper.
    than you for following up!

    Valerie Khan.

  3. Yes Art is the only media through which we convert whole world to the peace world without any violence

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