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This article has the merit to underline a few essential points in the perspective of fighting against burns and acid violence in particular :

- a relevant data base and referral system needs to be designed and implemented.

- ideally the government and not NGOs should be addressing the issue of acid violence.

- data collection needs to be field work based and verified before being published (by the way, this is the case with Acid Survivors Foundation!), all survivors can be “visited” for verification…(keeping into account the security issue).

-   there is no point in developing private hospitals as the access to relevant and safe medical care is a basic human right and should be guaranteed in the local government hospitals for any member of the society

But, let us jump to reality now,  since the government has not achieved all that yet, it is USEFUL to have the RIGHT and relevant NGOs (transparent and accountable ones) who do not work for fame, but for results, who follow the logic of government and civil society or private partnership to identify the lacunae, the solutions, implement these and build the capacities…

The day when NGOs are not required anymore, will be a great day!

Valerie Khan Yusufzai

Acid Survivors Foundation



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