Acid Survivors Foundation Determined To Achieve Its Goal!

November 27th, 2009 by Valerie Khan Leave a reply »

Advocating and lobbying for a relevant legal framework to be established in Pakistan, in order to stop acid violence, is an essential part of Acid Survivors Foundation team. Valerie Khan Yusufzai often conveys the message to the local and international media. Here below, she is being interviewed outside the Supreme Court, a few minutes after the Chief Justice issued his statement on 20th November 2009. The support that the local Pakistani media have been provided to the cause of eradication of acid violence, one of the worst form of torture and one of the worst form of domestic violence, is highly appreciated. UNDP is  also supporting ASF-Pak in the effort to develop gender justice for acid survivors (see projects).

Valerie Khan Yusufzai, ASF-Pak chairperson giving an interview to express news.

Valerie Khan Yusufzai, ASF-Pak chairperson giving an interview to express news.



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    We are working hard to keep you updated… Thank you for spreading the message!

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