Acid And Burn Crime Legislation: A First Victory?

April 26th, 2011 by Valerie Khan Leave a reply »

Dear readers,

As you may be aware, Marvi Memons’ amendments  that have been reviewed by a  legal committee (including ASF legal team) in collaboration with National Commission on the Status of Women, the Ministry of Women Development, the Women Parliamentarian Caucus,will be presnted for voting today in the national ssembly of Pakistan.

If passed, this amendment of HURT,  will be a major step towards eradication of acid violence in Pakistan as it will ensure that when acid and burn cases attacks are being tried under Hurt, strong Punishment is being given.  HOWEVER, LET US NOT FORGET THAT THIS AMENDMENT STILL CALLS FOR A MORE COMPREHENSIVE LAW ; ACID AND BURN CRIME ACT 2011 and a law to regulate and monitor acid sales and distribution.

Stay posted!

ASF team


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