2nd Consultation On Acid Crime And Prevention Bill Through Photos.

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Dr Fauzia Saeed from The national Commission on The Status of Women

Sana recalling Naila's fight for justice and the historical decision of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Fahmida Iqbal from UNIFEM recalling the CEDAW guidelines before critically reviewing the outline of the new bill.

lawyers at work!

Survivors also present to say what they want!

Justice Nasira Iqbal expressing her views and demanding a law against acid violence.



  1. I had a dreadful time. And I think that earth is going to incorrectspace nasty persons. But I saw your website and I agree that in future we will have excellent days by skilled people as you.

  2. Valerie Khan says:

    It is heartening to see that we can spread hope, this is what development is all about…

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